The discussion on a “Global Digital Compact“ (GDC) and the review of the Tunis Agenda of the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS-20) will dominate UN based Internet Governance discussions in 2024 and 2025. Both GDC and WSIS+20 are primarily intergovernmental processes, but the negotiations will take place in a broader multistakeholder environment. There will be numerous informal and formal discussions among governments, business, civil society as well as the technical community on the road towards GDC and WSIS+20. However, it is unclear, how the interaction among governments and non-governmental stakeholders will be implemented and how input leads to impact.

The “Digital Governance Discussion Group“ (DGDG) is an informal non-governmental stakeholder initiative to generate additional input into the GDC and WSIS+20 processes. Recognized academic experts, civil society activists and other engaged stakeholders will raise their voices and contribute with their ideas and suggestions to the GDC and WSIS+20 negotiations. The DGDG-Blog offers an opportunity to publish papers on related issues and to comment on problems and progress in the intergovernmental negotiations.