Peixi Xu

Peixi (Patrick) Xu is Professor & Director of the Global Internet Governance Studies Center at the Communication University of China (CUC). He obtained his Doctoral Degree from CUC and a Licentiate Degree from University of Tampere, Finland. His research interests include Global Communication, Internet Governance, Cybersecurity, and Disinformation.

He has authored over 50 articles published in academic journals, including China Information Security and Modern Communications, as well as three books: Global Governance from Traditional Media to the Internet (Tsinghua University Press), The Shaping Cyber Norms: Origins, Disputes, and Trends (China Social Sciences Academic Press), and Digital Cold War Studies (Guangming Daily Press).

Peixi Xu is a member of the MAG of China IGF. He is an active participant of IGF and China-EU, China-U.S. cyber dialogues.

He can be reached through